Weak tourist infrastructure

That why there is no correspondence of tourist services cost with their quality. Guest houses on popular tourist destinations cost like a three-star hotels and 2-star hotels costs like five-star. There are no interesting tourist routes on a place that would attract tourists to stay there for at least several hours, not to mention several days.

Poor road infrastructure

In connection with bad roads it is difficult to find a car for rent to reach tourist attractions. The basic offer is an all-wheel drive car or a minibus with a driver who are themselves responsible for fuel and possible on-road car repairs  and therefore are not cheap. In addition, bad maps and almost complete absence of road signs do not make life easy for independent travelers.

Personal hygiene facilities

That is I do not like the most. Terrible toilets, which are rarely cleaned and nowhere facilityies to wash hands. Garbage cans are jam-packed and often there are none.

The language barrier

In Kazakhstan, almost everyone speaks or understands Russian and knowledge of other Slavic languages will help. If you are from Turkic-speaking countries then understanding of Kazakh is possible. Very few people knows  popular languages beginning with English. Translators and English-speaking guides are quite expensive. Therefore, you must learn at least sign language and an elementary phrase book.

The root of all problems is corruption

Because of corruption, key positions are occupied not by specialists but by people who paid for its. Therefore, all good initiatives and all investments in tourism go nowhere. There are no specialists, roads, toilets, equipped routes, even basic road signs.

But, there's a silver lining

All these problems left in tourism only enthusiasts, professionals in their field. Traveling with their company will make journey unforgettable. And if you are not stopped by the problems above and inspired by the reasons for visiting Kazakhstan then you will definitely will come again and again to our country.