Untouched nature

National parks and reserves protect most natural attractions. In addition, the central part of Kazakhstan is a huge untouched wild steppe because only country border areas and river valleys are inhabited.

Variety of landscapes

You can watch sunrise near a mountain lake overgrown with forest, go down to the river valley, go into the steppe overgrown with wormwood and admire the sunset in the sandy desert.

Lovely multinational cuisine

In numerous cafes you can enjoy dishes of Kazakh, Uzbek, Uighur, Dungan, Tatar, Korean, Chinese, Georgian, Russian cuisine. If you are a gourmet, then you will have to stay here for a long time to try it all.

Numerous historical monuments

From ancient to our time there are roads linking China and Europe through Kazakhstan, . The most striking example is the Great Silk Road. Here were paths of the Great Migration of Nations and the great conquerors of the world, such as the Hun, Turks, Mongols, Arabs. The Great Steppe is also the home of the Scythians and Kipchaks.

Original culture of Kazakhs

We are a steppe nomadic people and therefore there are very few architectural monuments left of our ancestors. All that little has been preserved carefully in museums. To touch the culture of Kazakhs, you have to listen our songs and watch local dances and see masterpieces of folk craftsmen. Moreover, it is necessary to take part in traditional celebrations of Kazakhs with national games – kokpar, baige, kyz kuu and so on.