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Let's create a tour together.

It will fit all your desires and possibilities. To create such a tour, you just need to contact us, at least a month before the date of travel and describe your desires.

Realization of your ideas.

Ideas for tours can be viewed in the section Destinations. Just write us where you would like to go and how many days you would like to spend on it and we will offer you the best route. Perhaps the destinations are in different directions from the place of of your stay or in different cities, we will organize the tour in such a way that you will minimaze wasting of your time.

Privacy on the nature.

There are many places in Kazakhstan for solitude. Write to us wherever you would like it: in mountains or in a desert, on the shore of a lake or a river. We will pick up a private shelter for you and will provide all necessary for your whole stay.

Special conditions.

If you are a vegetarian or with a disability or you need any other special conditions, write us your needs and we will do our best to provide them.


If you are a fisherman or a hunter, we will do everything possible help you to get a new experience in the realization of your passion. Also, we are welcome  birdwatchers, photo-hunters, petroglyph seekers and passioned by other hobby people.

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