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Nowadays it is not so easy to find Kazakhs who live a real nomadic life. Kazakh nomads migration is associated with horses herds and sheeps movements, in central and western Kazakhstan also camels. In the south, traditionally, nomads live on wintering grounds in winter. In spring, after the Nauryz holiday, they chase herds into a blossoming steppe, summer spend in cool mountains pastures. In  autumn nomads return to the steppe and then to wintering grounds. Сrouching with big amount of horses and sheeps is labor-intensive, so only large farms or small farmers’ associations can afford it.

The most favorable time to immers to the nomadic life is summer, from the second half of June to September, when livestock grazing on mountain pastures – Zhaylau. If you want to see a flowering steppe, then you should come at April-May. You can go up with nomads to the mountains pastures in the beginning of June, and go down to the steppes in October. In winter you can join to guarding of sheeps from wolves.

Zhaylau view

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