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It is very difficult to plan a trip to a country where you are traveling for the first time. You can spend tens of hours searching for information in Internet but find anything or find unreliable information. Other travelers experience is always subjective and depends on their personal luck. You will be able with our help:

  • to get reliable and verified information on all possible issues
  • to recieve a reliable list of services suppliers with best price-quality ratio
  • to make a real travel plan starting with a transfer from the airport
  • do not miss the little-known, but very interesting places that are on your route


Any journey is needed transport even if you traveliong on foot. We will help you to reserve in advance any type of transport you need. Bicycles, motorcycles, cars, ATVs, snowmobiles, airplanes, helicopters and even hot-air balloons. They will not break on the road and you will get a help as quickly as possible in case of an emergency situation. There are also places you can reach only by horse or camel riding. We will help you to find reliable guides who knows by heart the route and has trained animals capable for desired route.

Support on the route

The often happening situation – you rich to some place and there you find out that in order to enter there you have to show a pass that you have get on other place and you will lose valuable time often not one day to receive it. But if you contact us you will:

  • get in advance all the necessary permits and permits
  • find in advance places of rest and accommodation that you could not find via Internet
  • Get qualified legal support in case of problems with local authorities, police or in emergency situations
  • get technical assistance in emergency situations
  • receive professional security services if necessary
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